Ministry of funny runs

Tuesday is Pilates night so I fled the office at 7.15 for the nice walk from Blackfriars to Tower Bridge, where my cousin’s building has a fab seventh floor observatory that makes a perfect studio for our private lesson. Temperature had dropped a bit and I was in a sleeveless dress so had to layer up with my pilates hoodie – probably not a great look.  But the walk is a simply fab one, especially now that herds of exotic baby elephants line the route! Sadly I didn’t have a camera with me last night but here’s a pic of one of my favourites with a journalist from the Evening Standard.

There were loads of runners out, which was nice to see. I haven’t yet figured out a way of running with my pilates mat or I would have joined them. But was was most interesting was that a lot of them seemed to be cultivating very unique running styles: running with hands tucked under armpits (well it was chilly in the wind); running in a sort of diagonal fashion as if about to take off over a high jump bar; and one chap whose knees were so high I can only assume he had been training with the Thunderbirds boys. Now, I’m far from a graceful runner myself, but the multitude of odd styles did make me wonder whether the Ministry of Funny Walks has been hit by the Chancellor’s budget cuts and turfed all its civil servants out onto the streets…


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