Personal training

Ow. I had forgotten how much I hurt after personal training. I used to do it every week – we have a Nuffield gym in the building at work and the PT there is cheap as chips, as long as the chips in question are from a fancy gastropub. But what with having being on study leave on and off since Easter, and the trauma of becoming a singleton again for the first time in eight years, I’d kind of fallen off the wagon.

Time to get back on. Given that its now summer, and I have to wear this rather lovely bridesmaid’s dress at the end of August (though I might accessorise it with some underwear, unlike this model!) my arms really need to regain some of their former muscle tone. So that was today’s focus. Many kettlebell thingies, chest presses, fixed weight contraptions and whatnots later they are definitely feeling battered. In fact I even had trouble holding up the hairdryer afterwards, and gave up halfway through so that I now have a very weird and wild bouffant unseen since my college days. Might want to get that under control before walking down the aisle.


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