Pre-race day nerves

I’m running the London BUPA 10000 tomorrow. Now, I have done loads of 10Ks and really shouldn’t be nervous of another one, but this time I am expecting to be humiliated as my 54-year old mother leaves me for dust.  After much pestering I finally got her into running about 18 months ago, and she is loving it. Which is great most of the time, but now we are doing this 10K together I realise I have created a monster.

Tired and very wet, but happy

The last race we did together was the Kenilworth Two Castles 10K (fab race by the way), this time last year when she had been running for 6 months. She is naturally faster than me – she was undisputed champion of the Mothers’ 60m sprint on our primary school sports days – but in those early months of running was lacking endurance. So although we ran the race together I was far more comfortable and paced her all the way to a respectable 59 minute finish. Here we are looking happy but soaked at the end.

This year, however, she has been training hard around undulating Warwickshire, whilst I have been rather neglecting the running. (In fairness, I have just had a load of exams and also recently split up with my partner of 8 years, so I have had a bit on my mind, but still.) The result is that she is whizzing round hilly 10K training runs in 56 minutes whilst I can barely complete a totally flat 10K to Putney along the river. All of which means that tomorrow I am either going to give myself a hernia trying to compete with her or will have to suffer the taunts of my father and brothers for the rest of the bank holiday after she soundly thrashes me. My only hope is to stick with her all the way – the only sure weapon I have in my arsenal is a mean kick at the end of any run, no matter how tired I am, so I’d hope to be able to win a sprint finish if I am still with her at the Mall. But more likely she’ll have left me far behind at 5K. Watch this space for a race report tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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