Day 12

Short post – appropriate since it was a very short run. Just 1.8 miles, or 17 minutes. In my defence, it’s hot out there, I’m hungry, I have loads still to do before I go out and watch the football and I didn’t even particularly want to go running at all. But its Juneathon, so I went, and I even added on an extra 0.3 miles to the 1.5 I intended to do. That’s good enough for me. So there.


Day 11 – Body Sculpt = misguided

I got home from work last night just after 1am, and after several days of late night/early morning combos I really needed to grab whatever sleep I could, so the 7.30am spin class was swiftly ditched. (This Juneathon lark is knackering, not because of all the exercise but because of all the early mornings – how on earth do you fit it in otherwise?)  The alternative spin class at 12pm was also out because of a call with a client, so I plumped for signing up for the Body Sculpt class instead, thinking this would be better than a run because (a) I’ll be running Saturday and Sunday and (b) I didn’t get to do any upper body stuff in personal training yesterday.

So I duly went along and the class was pretty good – it has been months and months since I did a toning class so I was expecting to find it really hard, but all the spinning is obviously paying off because the three million squats we did didn’t seem to trouble my quads nearly as much as I expected. And I certainly got my wish when it came to the upper body workout. Unfortunately, it was only towards the end that I remembered that, as well as running, my Juneathon for Saturday and Sunday will necessarily involve a large amount of lifting and carrying and dismantling wardrobes and sofas as I prepare for moving house next week. Which could now be quite a challenge since I could barely hoist my gym bag onto my shoulders after the class and I can even feel my biceps groaning as I type! One weekend of aches and groans and burning shoulders coming up.

Day 10 – Bikram gym

No time for proper post today as my To Do list is already pages long and I have deadlines! Went to the gym bleary-eyed this morning for more personal training. Sadly it was almost all cardio instead of weights and toning – could have done with more upper body since my lower body is getting plenty of work what with all this spinning and running for Juneathon. We did 15 mins cross-trainer, 15 mins stepper, 10 mins reclining bike and then a few reps on the chest press and back extension machines. It was seriously warm and humid in the gym though, and consequently very sweaty. I was glad to get out of there and onto my 9 a.m. call in my more reasonably air-conditioned office.

One third of the way there!

Day 9 – Park run in the rain

Today I was on a course in the morning and when it finished at lunchtime I decided to sneak off for a run before going back to my desk. Which was quite bad because I have SO MUCH work to do, but hey, it’s Juneathon, so running and blogging have to come higher on the priority list than being properly prepared for calls with clients, right?

Anyway, I decided to run down to St James’ Park and back – a 4 mile route I’ve not done before. It started to rain as soon as I left the office and had turned torrential by the time I got to Parliament Square. Bad day to choose a white vest! I guess it serves me right for being smug about Juneathoning in the glorious evening sunshine yesterday after others got soaked. On the upside though, the rain meant that all the tourists had dived for cover so I had the pavements almost entirely to myself for once. It was also good to see that there were still loads of runners out and about despite the weather – I wondered how many others were also only braving it because it’s Juneathon.  

Despite the rain, or perhaps because of it, it was a great strong run. According to the clock in the changing rooms it took me 40 minutes, which isn’t at all bad for me considering stops at traffic lights and having to squeeze through several bedraggled packs of foreign schoolchildren, on the way back at least. And apart from a slightly tight calf at halfway I pushed it really hard and felt great the whole way round, so I am delighted!

Perhaps the secret was the new girl-power and Glee inspired playlist on my iPod: lots of Beyonce, Madonna and Lady Gaga, plus Rihanna and Girls Aloud. I did stick to the originals rather than the Glee Cast versions (apart from the ubiquitous Don’t Stop Believin’) but I’ll admit that a lot of the tracks have made their way onto it after being reminded of them by the New Directions crew. Does that make me really sad? Actually, never mind – best run in ages speaks for itself! 

Day 8 – Penultimate pilates

Sounds like lots of Juneathoners got soaked today but I was more fortunate – at 7pm when I left the office for the 2.5 mile walk to my pilates lesson the sun had emerged and it had turned into a glorious evening, perfect for a walk and a bit of gentle Juneathoning.

As I crossed the wobbly Millenium Bridge I could see that Tower Bridge was open, but I wasn’t close enough to get a good picture or see what the big ship was, and by the time I got closer the drawbridge was down again and everyone was getting on with their evening.  But by then I had some more elephants to keep my camera happy.

As I wandered past all the lovely restaurants lining the river it made me feel hungry as it does every week (not surprising since there are such tempting smells and I always go past at dinnertime) and the people having a drink in the sun after work made me want to stop too and just sit down with a glass of wine instead of doing pilates. But (a) its Juneathon and that kind of attitude just won’t wash, and (b) its my penultimate session with my lovely trainer Claire before she disappears back off to Edinburgh for evermore (sob!), so I have to make the most of her. So I kept going and didn’t give in to the temptation (not that I was ever really going to).

Anyway, once there my pilates session was lovely, up in our little observatory on the sixth floor, with floor to ceiling glass and views over the entire city and with a fabulous sunset to boot. Not at all a bad way to unwind from a busy day, and it actually burns calories instead of adding them as wine has a nasty habit of doing. Claire did give us a fairly hard session though and it was warm in the observatory so it felt like a decent workout even in spite of the chilled out setting.

So even though its been the most sedate of all the Juneathon days so far, I suspect I will be feeling it tomorrow.

Week 1 complete!

7 days of Juneathon down – a whole week complete! Well done everyone on all the effort so far. Only 23 more days to go!

Day 7 was yet another spin class – I had no idea that I do so many!  Though this was my usual one that I would have done even if it hadn’t been Juneathon. But after whinging on Friday about the lack of sprints in that class, I once again learned that you should be careful what you wish for. Tonight’s class (different instructor) was about 70% seated sprints which were fun and adrenaline fuelled but caused some undeniable chafing by the end (ouch!). I’ve never been so pleased to switch to jumps! The tracks were all really long as well and exclusively dancey – dance anthems certainly do have their place in the spin studio but I seem to be much more motivated by cheesy tunes. A pumped up version of Bad Romance got my legs whizzing round much faster than a lyric-less thumping beat.

So Juneathon Week 1 stats:

Runs: 2 (total 5.5 miles)
Spinning classes: 3
Personal training sessions: 1
Swimming: 1 (1 mile)
Slightly drunken late night walks: 1 (2.5 miles)
Lifting and carrying boxes: lots
Dancing to 1940s tunes in searing heat and pearls: about 20 mins

Hmm, it doesn’t look nearly as much as I thought set out like that. But my body can certainly feel I’ve been working hard so that will have to do! Keep it up everyone!

Days 5 & 6 – first Juneathon weekend

A bit of a late post this one – the weekend has been full of packing. I move house in a couple of weeks time so the boxes are starting to pile up. But although I’ve had no time to blog properly I haven’t neglected Juneathon despite doing a bit too much drowning my sorrows.  Saturday I had to go and pick up my spare keys from the letting agent now that they are done showing prospective new tenants around – they are based in Notting Hill Gate so I took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and ran there and back.  It’s a 2.5 mile round trip, uphill all the way there and downhill all the way back. I must have looked a bit of a sight showing up there in my running gear hot and sweaty from running uphill in scorching temperatures.

Hot and sweaty was a bit of a theme for Saturday really, after that and lugging boxes up and down to the car all afternoon I went to the Blitz Party in Shoreditch on Saturday night which was a really fun and very different night out – with everyone dressed up in 1940s gear. Sadly I didn’t get many photos but here’s one of some of us waiting to get in. The venue is under some railway arches which makes a great atmospheric location but with so many people in a small space on a very humid night it was difficult to dance for long without sweating away half your body weight! A really fun night though.

Sunday was a bit more lazy as I tried to catch up on sleep (not doing that well since I am writing this at half past midnight!), but I did drag myself down to Fulham Pools for a reasonably leisurely swim. So almost a week into Juneathon and so far so good. Might reward myself with some nice new running kit tomorrow!