Day 2 – running off a hangover

As previously mentioned, last night I went to Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley for an extraordinarily yummy meal with some clients. We had the tasting menu and every single course was truly special. They round things off with a silver and crystal trolley of various homemade bonbons to try – mmmmmm!

But with lovely food you (obviously) have to have some lovely wine, and I think we got through three bottles between the five of us, plus a round of gin and tonics to kick things off. Being the consummate professional that I am, I wasn’t really even tipsy when we left, but then in the spirit of Juneathon I decided to walk the 2.5 miles home rather than jumping in a cab. I expected the fresh air to clear my head but it had quite the opposite effect – I don’t know whether maybe the increased heart rate pumps the alcohol to the brain quicker but by the time I reached home I was decidedly addled. I sat down on my bed and promptly passed out, to wake an hour later and put myself to bed properly.

So Day 2 of Juneathon dawned with more than a hint of a hangover.  But self-inflicted symptoms can’t stand in the way of Juneathon, so at 1 o’clock I headed out into the glorious sunshine for a 3 mile run along the Thames.

I love this particular run, a loop from the office by Blackfriars Bridge round to Westminster Bridge via the South Bank and back along the Embankment. On a lovely sunny June day like today the pavements are thronged with tourists which means there’s no PB potential here, but it is great for watching the world go by as you run. Highlights were more elephants and being joined for a short stretch of my jog by an enthusiastic Spiderman – one of the South Bank street performers – who seemed to approve of my running. Low points were having a pigeon try and take off right into my face, and being unceremoniously knocked out of the way on Westminster Bridge by a tourist on a quest to take the best shot of Big Ben. (On Westminster Bridge the (many) lunchtime runners, including myself, tend to take to the cycle lane to avoid the heavy tourist traffic on the pavement. I wonder if the cyclists feel as strongly about us doing that as JogBlog feels about them cycling on the pavement?)

I didn’t have a watch on but the changing room clock said 13:04 when I left and 13:38 when I returned, so allowing a couple of minutes for getting in and out of the building I think that’s 3 miles in approximately 32 minutes, hardly fast but not bad considering the throngs I had to navigate my way through. So Juneathon done for the day, and the hangover has now largely abated too, which is good. But I have developed a hint of some racer-back strap marks across my shoulders, which is bad. Not sure how I’m going to avoid having silly lines visible above my bridesmaid’s dress if we really do have a barbecue summer. Anyone know of any strapless sports bras?


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One Response to Day 2 – running off a hangover

  1. Hels says:

    Sounds like a lovely run – hurrah for elephant spotting! I wish I worked in the city – would love to run along the embankment, alas I am in East London.

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