Day 3 – the challenge kicks in

Only Day 3 and I am already starting to appreciate what a challenge Juneathon really is. Absolutely knackered this morning, but finally managed to haul myself out of bed and get to the gym only ten minutes late for my personal training session. For cardio we did ten minutes on the ski machine followed by 15 minutes of very fast hill walking on the treadmill (gradient 8.0) which felt tough at 8am. Then on to some upper body weights, lots of squats, crunches and chest presses on the Swiss ball. All a bit much for my poor tired body, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through an entire working day now.

My lower back is still horrendously tight – the leftover symptoms from minor whiplash after a white van man went into the back of my car a few weeks back. I wasn’t badly hurt but came off a bit worse than the car, which got away with the merest of scratches. Today’s session ended with my trainer valiantly trying to loosen some of the knots in my muscles, but I need to book in for a couple of proper massages. Fortunately my lovely pilates instructor friend is coming to stay with me for a couple of weeks before she moves back to Scotland so I will get her to give me some extra sessions as the price of my spare room!


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2 Responses to Day 3 – the challenge kicks in

  1. Boothy says:

    Whiplash can be very nasty. A year last February we were involved in a fatal head-on collision in Fuerteventura. The whiplash wasn’t too bad at first but over the months became more and more painful – and much aggravated by running – to the point where, in the Benidorm ½ marathon last November, I could hardly turn my head . I haven’t raced since. Now, sixteen months later, after umpteen massage sessions, X-rays, various creams, homoeopathic remedies and buckets of pain killers it’s only just beginning to subside. It will take ages to regain the form I’ve lost, if ever, and begin racing again.

  2. Oh dear, Boothy, that sounds awful. I’m so sorry, I’d no idea. Fortunately I don’t seem to have suffered anything like that – it was a very low speed collision after some traffic lights, which is why there was no damage to the car, and the only reason I took a bang is that the guy was accelerating so apparently the force just travelled right through the car. My head went forward and then – bang! – back on the headrest. Thank God for seatbelts though or it could have been much worse. I was fine that afternoon but by the evening I was in a world of pain with head and neckache, but fortunately no real harm seems to have been done, I’m just quite knotty in my left shoulder and lower back. Hopefully something that massage and pilates will help fix. But I can imagine that longer term symptoms are really debillitating, certainly the level of discomfort I was in for the first couple of days was enough to make me horribly miserable. And I can believe that running aggravates things too – I could really feel it in my shoulder during the 10K on Monday, though luckily the tightness eased quite suddenly after about 4K. I hope you’re on the mend now though.

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