Day 8 – Penultimate pilates

Sounds like lots of Juneathoners got soaked today but I was more fortunate – at 7pm when I left the office for the 2.5 mile walk to my pilates lesson the sun had emerged and it had turned into a glorious evening, perfect for a walk and a bit of gentle Juneathoning.

As I crossed the wobbly Millenium Bridge I could see that Tower Bridge was open, but I wasn’t close enough to get a good picture or see what the big ship was, and by the time I got closer the drawbridge was down again and everyone was getting on with their evening.  But by then I had some more elephants to keep my camera happy.

As I wandered past all the lovely restaurants lining the river it made me feel hungry as it does every week (not surprising since there are such tempting smells and I always go past at dinnertime) and the people having a drink in the sun after work made me want to stop too and just sit down with a glass of wine instead of doing pilates. But (a) its Juneathon and that kind of attitude just won’t wash, and (b) its my penultimate session with my lovely trainer Claire before she disappears back off to Edinburgh for evermore (sob!), so I have to make the most of her. So I kept going and didn’t give in to the temptation (not that I was ever really going to).

Anyway, once there my pilates session was lovely, up in our little observatory on the sixth floor, with floor to ceiling glass and views over the entire city and with a fabulous sunset to boot. Not at all a bad way to unwind from a busy day, and it actually burns calories instead of adding them as wine has a nasty habit of doing. Claire did give us a fairly hard session though and it was warm in the observatory so it felt like a decent workout even in spite of the chilled out setting.

So even though its been the most sedate of all the Juneathon days so far, I suspect I will be feeling it tomorrow.


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