Day 9 – Park run in the rain

Today I was on a course in the morning and when it finished at lunchtime I decided to sneak off for a run before going back to my desk. Which was quite bad because I have SO MUCH work to do, but hey, it’s Juneathon, so running and blogging have to come higher on the priority list than being properly prepared for calls with clients, right?

Anyway, I decided to run down to St James’ Park and back – a 4 mile route I’ve not done before. It started to rain as soon as I left the office and had turned torrential by the time I got to Parliament Square. Bad day to choose a white vest! I guess it serves me right for being smug about Juneathoning in the glorious evening sunshine yesterday after others got soaked. On the upside though, the rain meant that all the tourists had dived for cover so I had the pavements almost entirely to myself for once. It was also good to see that there were still loads of runners out and about despite the weather – I wondered how many others were also only braving it because it’s Juneathon.  

Despite the rain, or perhaps because of it, it was a great strong run. According to the clock in the changing rooms it took me 40 minutes, which isn’t at all bad for me considering stops at traffic lights and having to squeeze through several bedraggled packs of foreign schoolchildren, on the way back at least. And apart from a slightly tight calf at halfway I pushed it really hard and felt great the whole way round, so I am delighted!

Perhaps the secret was the new girl-power and Glee inspired playlist on my iPod: lots of Beyonce, Madonna and Lady Gaga, plus Rihanna and Girls Aloud. I did stick to the originals rather than the Glee Cast versions (apart from the ubiquitous Don’t Stop Believin’) but I’ll admit that a lot of the tracks have made their way onto it after being reminded of them by the New Directions crew. Does that make me really sad? Actually, never mind – best run in ages speaks for itself! 


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