Day 11 – Body Sculpt = misguided

I got home from work last night just after 1am, and after several days of late night/early morning combos I really needed to grab whatever sleep I could, so the 7.30am spin class was swiftly ditched. (This Juneathon lark is knackering, not because of all the exercise but because of all the early mornings – how on earth do you fit it in otherwise?)  The alternative spin class at 12pm was also out because of a call with a client, so I plumped for signing up for the Body Sculpt class instead, thinking this would be better than a run because (a) I’ll be running Saturday and Sunday and (b) I didn’t get to do any upper body stuff in personal training yesterday.

So I duly went along and the class was pretty good – it has been months and months since I did a toning class so I was expecting to find it really hard, but all the spinning is obviously paying off because the three million squats we did didn’t seem to trouble my quads nearly as much as I expected. And I certainly got my wish when it came to the upper body workout. Unfortunately, it was only towards the end that I remembered that, as well as running, my Juneathon for Saturday and Sunday will necessarily involve a large amount of lifting and carrying and dismantling wardrobes and sofas as I prepare for moving house next week. Which could now be quite a challenge since I could barely hoist my gym bag onto my shoulders after the class and I can even feel my biceps groaning as I type! One weekend of aches and groans and burning shoulders coming up.


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2 Responses to Day 11 – Body Sculpt = misguided

  1. Yep the fitting it all in is the biggest prob, I have had this week off so Juneathon has been ok( apart from the pain), but next week it’s going to be all early mornings or bust. Anyway good luck with next week.

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