Rousing rally run

The first run of Week 2 was scheduled to be a 4 mile tempo run.  I was quite pleased about this because the limit of 4 miles meant I couldn’t use my morning commute as training by running to work – that’s a 5.3 mile trip.  I’d have to run at lunchtime, which meant I got a bit more of a lie-in.  It was an added bonus that by the time lunchtime came round the sun had come out in all its glory, so although the air was cold I was set for a lovely sunny autumn outing.

I have a standard 4 mile lunchtime run down the Embankment to St James’ Park, a quick loop and back the way I came.  It’s a nice run when its not too overrun with tourists so I thought I’d do that.  As it turned out, tourists were the least of my problems, because as I neared Westminster I could hear a roaring crowd, and realised I had run smack bang into the student rally against tuition fee increases.

Fortunately this was fairly early on, before things turned nasty.  Still, it meant that getting round the edge of Parliament Square was challenging, even if the placards (“Nick Clegg: putting the “n” in cuts”) shouting and police in riot gear made things a bit more interesting than usual.  On the return leg I am pretty sure that I ran straight through a live Sky News broadcast.  Oops.

The good news though was that I had set out determined that this was going to be a quick run, and despite the obstacles I managed to achieve my aim.  I pushed it really quite hard and got back to the office in 37.34, which is a massive record that I am very pleased with.  That definitely qualifies as a tempo run.  I was pretty tired towards the end and couldn’t have kept up the pace any longer, but I was hungry too so that’s to be expected.  I was slightly conscious of my shins as I pounded the pavement but don’t seem to have suffered any ill-effects, unlike the Conservative Party headquarters.   

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 37.34
Route: St James Park
Terrain: flat, pavement
Time of day: 12pm
Weather: cold, but glorious sunshine
Notable features: 50,000 angry students


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