I didn’t get the wished-for glorious sunny park run. Instead I woke up late and vaguely hungover and took several hours to get myself out of the door into the cold, grey drizzly afternoon.  The schedule called for 7 miles so I planned to do a lap of Richmond Park for a change of scene and a few hills.  It felt a bit odd driving somewhere to go running but I guess in just a few weeks or so I’ll be running down there too as the long run miles clock up.

The weather was thoroughly grim when I got there and the park was understandably pretty quiet, except for the usual residents who didn’t seem too bothered by the miserable conditions.  The run itself was easy enough, except for the big hill at 4.5 miles.  That was tough going not so much because of the incline but because the trail there became sandy bridleway and after all the rain it was a virtually impassable bog.  But otherwise it was all gently undulating trail and it all felt very comfortable.  I even got to overtake one of the few other runners out, which was nice, and had plenty of energy to pick up the pace for the last mile (perhaps aided in that by the icy rain which started to get pretty heavy at that point).  Overall, a good run, though after a windswept, rain-soaked hour and more I probably scared a few Tesco customers when I called in there for supplies on the way home!

Distance:  7.15 miles
Time:  01:10:31
Route:  Richmond Park
Terrain:  trail, with the odd bit of road and bog thrown in
Time of day: 2pm
Weather:  grim. Cold and wet.
Notable features:  deer

Week 2
Miles:  14.35
Cross training: Spin (Tues), Pilates (Sat)


About westlondonplodder
Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

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