A right royal run around

Back in the gym today for more intervals.  I forgot my iPod again, but since it was late afternoon rather than late at night I had counted on at least having MTV tunes on in the background.  But no, some bright spark had taken advantage of the gym being quiet to switch the TV to unrelenting “live” coverage of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton.  (Quite how streaming endless reels of two to four-year old footage of Kate at various events constitutes “live” coverage I don’t know.  Especially since they’ve actually been engaged for the best part of a month already.)   Obviously I’m very pleased for them and all that, but really I’d have been much happier with a bit of Rihanna to run to.  

Apparently the royal pair will tie the knot in “spring or summer 2011”.  I think we can safely assume it won’t be the weekend of 16-17 April: tens of thousands of exhausted sweaty runners streaming past the palace might get a bit in the way of the wedding cars.

As for the running itself, today’s session was 3 x 800m at 11.4 kph.  Short, so not too bad (although my pasta lunch caused some stitches towards the end) but I am slightly dreading the point at which the number of intervals starts ramping up.  The schedule currently has me down for 8 of these 800m reps on my 30th birthday itself, which does not seem to me like a very happy way to mark the start of a new decade.  But then I suppose I’ve only myself to blame.

Distance:  4.4 km/2.75 miles, including 800m warm up, then 3 x 800m at 11.4 kph with 400m recovery between and 400m cool down
Time: 27:16
Terrain: treadmill
Time of day: 4pm
Notable features: Kate Middleton (lots)


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Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

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