Juggling Janathon

This schedule requires a bit of juggling.  I was supposed to go to spin at lunchtime today but work got in the way and I ended up only popping down to the gym for 20 minutes on the rowing machine plus some upper body weights and abs work.  Which means that I have to fit in a spin session on Friday morning, which means missing pilates, which I could do as usual on Saturday but then I’d be late meeting my friend, or I could do pilates on Friday morning and spin on Saturday morning but that means getting up early on my one lie-in day which isn’t very appealing, unless maybe I do my long run on Saturday morning and go swimming and do pilates on Sunday.  See?  Confusing.


In other news, I have signed myself up for Janathon, despite two abject Juneathon failures under my belt so far.  The rules are the same as with Juneathon – run (preferably) or otherwise exercise every day in January, blog about it and generally be a good blogosphere sport by supporting everyone’s else’s efforts and blogs too.  On the one hand, it seems a bit mental to be trying to complete Janathon at the same time as ramping up the marathon training.  On the other hand, the marathon training has me doing something, albeit not all running, on six days of the week anyhow.  So as long as I can just do a quick set of crunches and tricep dips on my “rest” day each week then this new winter challenge ought to be do-able.  That said though, for the first few days of January at least I will be going to stay with a very pregnant friend to look after her until sproglet arrives (she is single); and whilst Janathon is obviously very important, I suspect a woman in labour might not agree it is more important than her, so Janathon could get scuppered early in the delivery room.  Let’s find out.


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Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

One Response to Juggling Janathon

  1. Jules says:

    Good luck with the Janathon! Just heard about it from my brother, who has put some very dodgy ideas in my head recently…! Do see our blog for more details!

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