For me, it seems, the terms “early morning” and “tempo run” shouldn’t really be put together.  I am not a morning person at the best of times, and trying to do a fast run when I am barely awake is just not something that my body appears to be capable of.  Running at all in that state is tricky enough, but manageable with willpower; but there are some physical limits that even the greatest amount of determination in the world could not break.  And needless to say, 8am on a gloomy Thursday is not my most determined time.

So when I woke up later than planned this morning and realised that I needed to be out of the door and running to work within the next 15 minutes if I wasn’t going to be horribly late, I knew it was unlikely to be my best performance.  Technically, according to my FIRST running schedule, this mid-week run is supposed to be a tempo run, at a 10 minute mile pace.  (Actually, 10 minute miles are about my easy average pace even for my long runs at the moment, so perhaps something has gone a bit wrong there.  I’m not sure that I fancy adjusting those suggested paces just yet though because the speedwork ones seem to be pretty challenging so far, and I reckon I’ll inevitably slow down as the long runs get longer.)  But when I first left the house I felt sleepy and sluggish and every step seemed like an effort.

Once I got into a rhythm though, things picked up, including the weather – the sun started glinting through the clouds and the temperature was perfect.  Hyde Park looks very pretty on an autumn morning like that.  There were some equestrian types trotting round in a circle waving flags in a rather ridiculous way, so I stopped briefly to take a picture or two to illustrate this morning’s effort.  But they didn’t come out well (see? they really do have flags, honestly) and I immediately felt guilty about stopping at all on a tempo run, so I decided to make up for it by putting in a bit more effort on the second half of the run.  Which I did – I ran fairly hard and felt strong and was pleased that I must have done a negative split at least.   When I got to the office my watch informed me that I had done the 5.35 mile route in 54.01 (including picture and traffic light stops) – so almost exactly on the 10 min mile target.  And the last 2.23 miles from Wellington Arch (with no stops) was done in 21 minutes flat, an average pace of 9.25 min miles.  Which is not bad at all for first thing. 

Distance:  5.35 miles
Time: 54:01
Route:  Run to work
Terrain:  road, park
Time of day:  8am
Weather:  pleasant autumn morning
Notable features:  horsey types riding in circles waving flags


About westlondonplodder
Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

2 Responses to Morning

  1. Helen says:

    And good luck to you, also! But I’m sure you’ll be great – let me know your training routes for when you get to you long runs! 🙂

  2. Good luck for Janathon and your marathon training and if you overtake me running round hydepark please make it look like it was hard work! Lol.

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