8 mile

At some stage in this marathon training I am going have to stop starting my long run posts with the words “I woke up late and hungover”.  It’s unlikely that will happen this side of Christmas now.  I was expecting to be clear-headed and well-rested this morning as my Saturday plans had consisted of a quiet day/night in with a very pregnant friend, but then we got the news that some good friends of ours had got engaged (coincidentally the second engagement this week to be sealed with a sapphire ring formerly belonging to the groom-to-be’s mother) and our quiet evening soon saw its way to the pub for celebratory bubbles.

Which didn’t bode brilliantly for my planned eight-miler today, and in the end the only thing that got me out at 2.30pm was the realisation that if I didn’t go soon it would be dark before I got back.  So fuelled by some yummy pancakes courtesy of my flatmate’s boyfriend, I went for a lap of Hyde Park with Green Park tagged on to make up the distance.

Given that I was tired and a bit hungover, the run was, for the most part, pretty easy and the distance fine.  I finished it in 1:22:40, which given that I spent several minutes waiting at traffic lights at Wellington Arch (in both directions), means I must have been going a fair bit faster than the 10.30 minute miles my training plan ideally requires.  In the last mile though I did get a horrible side stitch.  They are pretty common for me and I can normally run through them fine but this one almost pulled me up (in fact I only kept running rather than walking it off for a while because I was so close to the end).  Plus my right knee was making grumpy noises towards the end too – seems ok now but I’ll need to keep an eye on it.

As the runs get longer you become more aware of how much time running gives you to be alone with your thoughts.  Most of the time this is a good thing but for various reasons I was feeling a bit morose today and although the fresh air and exercise has completely cleared my hangover, it hasn’t done anything to improve my mood.  I’m sure a bit of sunshine would have made a difference, but with all the winter training ahead I’ll have to make sure to put my happy hat on before I leave the house in future.

Distance:  8.00 miles
Time: 01:22:40 (including at least 4 minutes at traffic lights)
Route: Hyde Park/Green Park
Terrain:  road
Weather:  grey
Notable features:  a mood to match the weather


About westlondonplodder
Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

2 Responses to 8 mile

  1. follystone says:

    Well done for getting out there. Its been a while since I ran in London but I seem to recall, you can zip through a nearby tube station (Green Park ??) instead of waiting at the lights at Wellington Arch.

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