Pounding the treadmill

Work is getting in the way of the schedule a bit at the moment. Fortunately, this being Week 4 of the plan means that it’s a week of easing off slightly – the midweek runs are both only 3 miles (and even this weekend’s long run is stepped back to just 10K).  Consequently, it’s been simple to squeeze both my interval and tempo runs in by nipping down to the gym in the office.  I wasn’t expecting to do them on consecutive days, but I narrowly missed my spin class this lunchtime having failed to get a client off the phone in time, so I decided to do the tempo run this evening just to make sure it got done.

Yesterday’s intervals were 2 x 1 mile at 10.9 kph (with the warm up, recovery between intervals and cool down making up the other mile).  I think the mile intervals will be my favourite of the speedwork sessions as they were far less painful than the previous weeks’ efforts, although having finally remembered my iPod definitely made a huge difference.   I followed up the run with some upper body weights and was pleased with my stolen 45 minutes of exercise.

This evening’s tempo run was excellent, at least in terms of the running.  I had lots of pent up energy from spending so much time at my desk and was chomping at the bit to expend some of it on the treadmill.  However, for one reason and another I was keen to get out of the gym again as quickly as possible so I just kept upping the pace.  I ended up averaging 8:43 minutes per mile, which is great, and almost a minute per mile faster than the prescribed tempo pace. (Although,  I had forgotten to put on any gradient to make up for the lack of wind resistance.)  Also managed to fit in some abs work on the mats before hitting the shower and racing back to my desk.

I suspect that if my workload keeps going as it has lately then there could be a fair amount of treadmill running in the months to come.  Given the likelihood of snow soon that’s possibly not such a bad thing in the short term, but I hope I get out into the fresh air again soon.

Distance:  3 miles (both days)
Time:  27.37, inc 2 x 1 mile at 10.9kph (Tues);  26.10 (Wed)
Terrain:  Treadmill
Time of day:  6pm (both days)
Notable features:  the iPod really does make a massive difference on the treadmill


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Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

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