Farewell to Autumn

Well, this time at least I wasn’t hungover – I managed a full 12 hours of sleep and felt great for it.  After a lazy morning I headed out mid-afternoon for an easy 10K to Putney Bridge and back.  On the coldest day of the year so far, my warm fleecy gilet and gloves were very much needed, but it was bright and dry and a lovely day for getting out there.  It was very much a run of two halves.  After the mile down to the river I had the towpath to myself all the way to Putney.  I loved being out in the crisp air at the turn of the season, sharing it only with those hardy residents of the London Wetlands Centre that haven’t flown off to warmer climes for the winter.  But as I neared Putney the silence was rent by the roars of the crowd at Craven Cottage watching Birmingham City draw with Fulham, and although I missed the worst of the crowds the second half of the run back up Fulham Palace Road was lined with the buses of the Brummie tourists, and I had to dodge few latecomers in football hats and scarves dashing to get to the stadium before kick-off.  It was a super-easy run despite the cold and I had to make a conscious effort to keep it to a long run pace.

After I got back I headed to the London Running Show at Olympia, which conveniently is located about 100 yards from my house.  I misjudged the timing – I thought it was open till 6.30 and showed up at 5 thinking I’d have plenty of time, but in fact it closed at 5.30 so I had to race round, and lots of stuff was starting to shut up.  Fortunately I had a list of what I needed and successfully whizzed around to collect 2 Shock Absorber Run bras, a pair of running tights and a high-viz Saucony jacket.  Plus my Oxfam fundraising pack and t-shirt.  Not bad for 25 minutes.

Particularly lovely rest day coming up tomorrow, as I’m off for a pampering day at the Sanctuary Spa with a friend for her 30th birthday.  Bliss.

Distance:  6.2 miles
Time: 59.34
Route:  Putney Bridge
Weather:  freezing, but dry and bright
Time of day: 2.15pm
Notable features:  football fans

Week 4
Total miles: 13.2
Cross training: spin and core class; gym session inc rowing and ski machine; weights and abs after treadmill sessions


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Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

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