The kind people at the RMT and TSSA unions were up to their usual tricks attempting to paralyse London, which is particularly mean on a frosty Monday morning.  Luckily I was prepared.  After a wonderful day at the Sanctuary yesterday I popped into the office to drop off clothes etc so that I could run in this morning, thereby both avoiding the transport disruption and getting my mid-week tempo run done in one fell swoop. Smug, me?

Actually, not all that smug, because boy was it cold this morning.  Although we’ve not yet seen any snow to speak of in London (apart from a few insignificant flecks last night) it was well below freezing when I left the house, and the park trails were frozen harder than the tarmac paths.  It was beautifully sunny though, and as I ran along the Serpentine, admiring through the trees and frosty air flashes of winter sun glancing off the London Eye and the ever-growing Shard tower, I once again rejoiced to have the option of such a visually spectacular commute.  No miserable hours in bus stop queues for me.

As usual on morning runs it took me a little while to really get going, and I marvelled again at how much more effort the 5.35 miles this morning was than the 6.2 on Saturday afternoon.  But I kept a fairly steady pace and once I got to the Mall I was feeling good, getting to the office bang on target in 53.34.  My arms, legs and bum were frozen solid by that point (though the vaseline I had daubed on my nose before I left seemed to have done its job because I still had some feeling in that at least) but a swift bowl of hot porridge later and I am about defrosted, and ready for the week ahead.  Bring on December.

Distance: 5.35 miles
Time: 53:34
Route: Run to work
Time of day:  8.00am
Weather:  freezing, sunny
Notable features:  frost

Monday was also the day on which Oxfam launched their new website for people running, or thinking of running, to raise money for them.  Having been told about it by the nice guys manning the stand at the London Running Show, I duly checked it out this afternoon.  Imagine my glee when I discovered that the footer of every page on the site is adorned with the beaming post-marathon face of David Haworth, one of the partners I work for, and Mrs H.  Much office merriment ensued. 


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One Response to Monday

  1. warriorwoman says:

    I cycled in this morning and my bum was the coldest thing when I finally arrived.

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