The morning after the night before

The traditional wisdom has it that some level of abstinence from alcohol is necessary when training for a marathon.  It would be dangerous to get complacent about it, but so far it has to be said that big boozy nights out don’t seem to be having much of a detrimental effect on how well my long runs go.  This morning, in a minor departure from what was starting to become a Sunday long run tradition, I woke up neither late nor hungover.  Instead, I woke at 7am, still drunk.  And on a mate’s sofa, where we had passed out after watching Kevin Pietersen join the surreal Ashes party with a superlative unbeaten double ton.  In retrospect, that last bottle of Bollinger at 3.30am was probably unnecessary (the beverage chosen both to mark the milestone birthday we had earlier been out celebrating, and as an ironic nod to the Aussie fast bowler being smacked around the Adelaide Oval by KP).

All of which meant that even after three or four more hours sleep in my own bed, I expected to feel pretty rough as I set out for today’s eight miles.  But strangely, I didn’t.  Maybe I was energised by the glorious winter sun starting to sink in spectacular fashion below the bare treetops.  Maybe it was just excitement that a balmy temperature of 2 degrees meant there was no snow or ice left to drive me inside and onto the mind-numbing treadmill.  Maybe I was fuelled by the wonderful aromas of suckling pig and roasting chestnuts wafting across Hyde Park from the Winter Wonderland.  Whatever, these factors all combined to make me feel great about being outside, enjoying the festive atmosphere and doing something healthy and restorative after poisoning my poor body last night.

I took it reasonably easy, settled into a comfortable rhythm and felt at the end like I could happily have gone on for many more miles (which is just as well really).  There were two or three fast sprints to catch favourable traffic lights, and apart from a very weird spasm in my right buttock at around 3 miles – which felt very odd but didn’t seem to affect my running – nothing really grumbled.  I’ve no hint left of the hangover I deserve, although I won’t be imbibing any more alcohol at our local pub quiz tonight (unless we win – the prize is a bottle of champagne).  And to top it all off, I’ve returned home to find my wonderful flatmate busy in the kitchen making mince pies.  All in all a great result.

Distance:  8.00 miles
Time:  1:22:13
Route:  Hyde Park, Green Park
Weather:  wonderful winter sun(set)
Time of day:  3pm
Notable features:  yummy Christmas smells, both in the park and now in my flat!

Week 5
Total miles:  16.79
Cross-training:  spin class, weights after speed session, pilates class, swimming (1 mile), lots of drunken Saturday night dancing!


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