Home advantage

One of the potential advantages I have for this marathon is that I live and work in London, so I get to practise on parts of the actual marathon course.  Of course, I don’t choose to spend my time running around the glass and steel city of the Isle of Dogs rather than in the beautiful Royal Parks, but my running commute naturally takes in the last couple of miles of the marathon down the Embankment and Birdcage Walk to Buckingham Palace.  Last night when I felt strong and fast running home after work, I tried to imagine how I will be feeling tracing these same steps after 24 knackering miles.  Hopefully, knowing those last two miles as well as I do will give me a bit of a pyschological advantage for a strong finish.  (And at least I won’t have to negotiate the uneven pavement flagstones in front of the Palace in the dark on the day itself!)

I’ve been feeling quite pleased with how the training has gone this week – it feels like I am back on target.  I impressed myself at the start of the week by getting up early on both Monday and Tuesday to go to a spin class and swimming respectively – its got to the point now where keeping up the cross-training and just building that stamina is as important as the running.   And I was very good yesterday and skipped my department drinks in order to run home.  Skiing and the week after it were pretty alcoholic, and its probably time to start cutting back now (birthday parties aside).  I’m Boxercising this afternoon and will do my interval run tomorrow morning, so its been a pretty full week.  Saturday is a well-deserved day off though as I head home to Warwickshire for a joint family celebration of my 30th and my grandfather’s 90th birthdays.  Hopefully that will prove a lucrative occasion for the fundraising drive!

Distance:  5.75 miles
Time:  58 mins (approx, as I was wearing my normal watch.  Included lots of stops at lights.)
Route:  commute home (via Birdcage Walk instead of the Mall)
Time of day:  7pm
Weather:  mild and moonlit night


About westlondonplodder
Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

2 Responses to Home advantage

  1. warriorwoman says:

    Glad your training is coming along well. Keep up the blogging, I enjoy the updates.

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