Good news, everyone!

Just a quick update tonight.  After a couple of enforced rest days to allow my knee to recover, and a fairly brutal massage, today everything was feeling much improved.  Sufficiently so that I booked myself onto a lunchtime spin class thinking that I could take it easy if necessary.  Unfortunately work deadlines spoiled that plan, and I had to make do with going to the gym this evening instead.  I wasn’t very enthused about the prospect of skiing machines and rowing, and when I got down there I decided to chance it and do an easy jog on the treadmill just to see how it was feeling. 

To my delight, it felt absolutely fine.  I did a very easy 5km, though I did pick it up for a strong final 600 metres, and had no problems whatsoever.  Which is obviously great news.  It was a very tedious run since I didn’t have my iPod and didn’t dare make it a harder session by trying intervals, but its good to know that I don’t have problems motivating myself to run for half an hour any more even when bored out of my brain.  I’m obviously gaining in psychological as well as physical strength!

Despite the improvement in the knee, I’ll skip the intervals session this week and instead do Spin & Abs tomorrow and pilates on Friday, before the 16.5 miler on Saturday.  I was due an easier week anyway so this can count as it even if the long run isn’t cut back. 

Distance: 5km
Time:  00.30.10
Terrain:  treadmill
Time of day:  6.15pm
Notable features:  deadly dull, but no knee problems


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