On the third day of Juneathon, I got up early

Unlike yesterday, this morning I did manage to drag myself out of bed at a fairly unseemly hour to get to a 7am Pilates class.  I was having dreams that seemed to be based on the terrible-sounding Made in Chelsea (even though I’ve not seen any of it – scary the extent to which adverts can apparently burrow into your subconscious) so I was keener than usual to get out of my weird dreamworld.  That’s not say I actually woke up though – it took me until at least halfway through the class before I felt sufficiently alert to open my eyes.

Luckily for me and my sleepy head the class was extremely gentle.  It was with an instructor who I haven’t had before but who seemed, unlike the old one, to appreciate that most of us aren’t really capable of complicated moves involving Swiss balls before breakfast.  The laid back gentle attitude was great for the most part, but we did nothing more challenging than the Scissors, and by the end of the class I did wish that there had been a bit more to it.  My abs definitely need to be challenged more if they’re going to be in peak condition for France.


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Thirty-something London girl looking for the next big challenge

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