On the eighth day of Juneathon, I did some speedwork

Or it might have been intervals.  Whatever.  I felt like I definitely needed to run today, but what with work going totally mental I knew I wasn’t likely to get out for a proper one and resolved instead to do one of the treadmill speed sessions from my marathon training.  It was a bitch of a tough day at work (still going in fact, I’m typing this while I eat my dinner at my desk, poor me) so by the time I got downstairs at 7pm I really needed to let off some steam. 

The session I chose was 6 x 400m at 8 min per mile pace.  As it was baking hot in the gym, I split this in two to allow for a proper drink in the middle, and so did two lots of: a half mile warm up, then 3 x fast 400m with 400m jogs in between each rep, followed by a 400m walking cool down.  Which came to a total of 4 miles in 38:36, and according to the treadmill I burned 444 calories.  Obviously the calorie thing isn’t accurate, and probably a gross exaggeration, but still it’s a pleasing number to get to isn’t it?  It was a gratifyingly tough but manageable workout, and I feel so much better for it.

I tried out a new running top today too, and was very pleased with it.  It’s this one by Sugoi from Sheactive, and I got it because it isn’t too long (long is lovely with leggings, annoying with running shorts) and has a pocket in the back.  I really think that there should be more tops with pockets, as running shorts are generally woefully lacking.  The vest has a built in bra shelf which is suprisingly supportive (I did wear a sports bra too but not my heavy duty Shock Absorber Run bra), though the elastic around the ribcage did make it a tough one to get off.  It was a bit too thick and warm for regular use in the gym but I can see it becoming a favourite for runs outside.  It is an incredibly flattering shape too, which is a particular bonus when you have to stare at yourself in the mirror while training.


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One Response to On the eighth day of Juneathon, I did some speedwork

  1. shazruns says:

    Love the colour of the top and that it has a pocket I get tired of tying my key to my laces and this is tricky to retreave at the end of the run with wobbly legs

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