On the sixth and seventh days of Juneathon, I went to the dentist (a lot)

I’m managing to keep up the actual Juneathoning, but fitting the blogging in is becoming a bit more difficult, not least because I’ve had so many trips to the dentist in the last few days. For the last ten months I’ve been wearing Invisalign braces to straighten my teeth a bit, and on Monday the top ones came off and were replaced with a fixed wire retainer behind my front teeth. That necessitated three trips to the orthodontist in twenty four hours, but I am really pleased with the results. Only another 12 weeks and the bottom ones will be gone too.

On Monday, I had thought about trying to run to and from my lunchtime dentist appointment like I did during marathon training, but annoyingly work appointments wouldn’t have left me enough time for a shower.  So I went to a spin class in the evening instead – fortunately no fictional evil overlords in this one, although the 15 minutes abs clinic immediately afterwards was a killer.  Yesterday I managed a quick gym trip involving the cross-trainer, rowing machine and weights as I try and tone my arms.  I also walked the couple of miles to my cousin’s place for dinner – a lovely evening stroll along the river in the sunshine that I used to do every week when we did pilates together with Claire last year.  The additional exercise might have been slightly undone by the large Dominos pizza and bottle of wine we shared once I got there.  Need to get a grip on that, because a week into Juneathon I think I am more out of shape than ever, which is not how it is supposed to go.


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2 Responses to On the sixth and seventh days of Juneathon, I went to the dentist (a lot)

  1. iliketocount says:

    And a nice photo of the largest dalek replica ever to be given planning permission. It’ll be a shame when the tower crane on top loses the red light effect!
    With 20 days of the month to go, I’m sure shape-return will be swift and effective ready for whatever opportunities to make exes jealous come your way!
    Keep enjoying it!

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