Mental acrobatics count towards Juneathon, don’t they?

Today was always going to be hopeless on the Juneathon front. I am starting to notice a worrying phenomenon – I end every May nice and quiet on the work front and then Juneathon gets going and suddenly I am swamped.  I smell a conspiracy.

Anyway, I have had zero chance of getting outside or to the gym or having more than 30 seconds to do anything other than work today.  (And I couldn’t have got up any earlier – I was exhausted after yesterday’s speed session.)  It has been a tough day – I have spent most of it trying to figure out the difference between accounting entries on a restructuring depending on whether you use an amortised cost basis of accounting or a fair value basis, and then whether any difference really matters for tax because the legislation says you are treated as if you use amortised cost anyway, and then whether in fact it still does matter after all because if you are treated as using amortised cost but really you are using fair value accounting can you really be said actually to be using amortised cost?*

Now tell me that doesn’t count towards Juneathon.  I bet your brain cells burned a few calories trying to follow that.  Try doing it for four or five hours.  Now try explaining all of it to a client whilst sitting in a meeting room that looks directly across the atrium into another meeting room containing a certain colleague with whom you spent a rather drunken night a couple of weeks ago and whom you have been avoiding ever since…


I did take the stairs up to the sixth floor meeting room though. 

* The answer, when we finally pinned the accountants down on it, was “oh, sorry, when we said fair value accounting what we really meant was amortised cost”.  Grr.


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