Pumping iron (before breakfast)

An inner mental battle raged this morning as I kept hitting the snooze button again and again.  I was booked onto Y-Sculpt (body sculpting class, as the name suggests, the Y I assume coming from the fact that you lift your arms up a lot) at my work gym at 8am, and it takes 45 minutes to get into the office.  But at 7am, I had only just made it into the bathroom and quite apart from getting myself washed and dressed I still had to hang out some washing and put more on, and go to the dry cleaners on the way to the station to pick up what I planned to wear today.  It was all impossible and I very nearly gave in and went back to bed. 

But Juneathon won the battle, and I decided to resolve the problem by ditching the dry cleaners and finding something else to wear that is suitable both for work and a fancy restaurant this evening.  By accessorising an otherwise boring work dress with a large maroon belt and peep toe shoes I think I’ve just about managed it.  And as it turned out I was glad to be a bit dressed up because I ran into the colleague I mentioned the other day while getting my porridge post-gym.  Clearly not giving up this morning earned me some good Juneathon karma because normally that would be bound to happen on the way into the gym (in old kit with no make-up and crazy hair and looking all flustered for being late again), not on the way out when I’m in heels and make-up and with hair freshly blow-dried! 

As for the class itself, it was a good one.  I am trying to improve the tone of my arms in particular as they feel a bit neglected after all this marathon running and spinning, and given that my outfits for the two weddings I have coming up are both maxi dresses that only reveal shoulders and arms, those bits really do deserve a bit more attention.  Hence the sculpting class.  But as I am moving house again this weekend, I deliberately made sure not to make the same mistake I made last year (lifting weights to exhaustion right before a weekend spent lifting boxes and furniture), so I wasn’t too ambitious with the weights I chose.  Even so, I couldn’t complete the last set of tricep curls and I am really feeling the effects already.  Must try to get to this class more often.

Have a mountain of work to do today and then off to Hibiscus tonight for a client dinner.  Yum!


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  1. runorgocrazy says:

    Very cute picture!

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