Juneathon is back! (And this time it’s personal…)

OK, OK, I know I haven’t yet written a marathon race report.  But the thing is, I had lots of celebrating to do on the evening of the day itself, then a horrendously hectic week at work straight afterwards, and then I went off on holiday to Cuba where they have no internet.  And by the time I got home it was mid-May and it just wasn’t a priority any more.  It is still on my To Do list, but quite low down.  Suffice (for now) to say that it was an awesome day, I loved almost every minute, I ran every step (except for quick food breaks) and I came in under my target time, so I was very pleased with it.  I imagine my Mum will talk me into doing it again with her in a couple of years.

Marathon over, it’s time to move on to new challenges.  So far, despite having signed up for the last two Juneathons, I have yet to complete this challenge.  This year I have added incentive – having had a very lazy (albeit fully deserved) couple of weeks in the Caribbean followed by a very alcoholic couple of weeks since, I am all out of shape again and dying to get back to the peak condition I was in pre-marathon.  Especially since I am going to the south of France for my friend’s wedding in July – effectively 4 days by the pool with a huge proportion of the people I know, including more than one former flame.  Never has it been so important to look super hot in a bikini!  Luckily for me, Juneathon promises to deliver.

This year, I have a vague idea of using Juneathon to sample as many new exercise options as possible (zumba perhaps) but we will have to see how that fits in with my hectic schedule of busy work days and even busier social plans.  There will be a bit of deja vu going on as three things that featured on my Juneathon blog last year are coincidentally also in the diary this June: the Blitz party, moving house, and a fancy client dinner (same client).  So try not to get too bored if it sounds like I’m repeating myself.  The difference is – this year I will succeed!

Good luck everyone, and happy Juneathoning!


Must get better at blogging

Dear oh dear, another month has gone by and no more blog posts.  Fortunately this time it’s not because I haven’t been running – just that during that time I have been (a) very busy at work, (b) away skiing, and (c) too lazy to blog.  But now that February is here and there are only 9 1/2 weeks to go until the big day, its time to start thinking about fundraising.  And if I’m going to ask people for money, it seems only fair to update them on what I’m actually doing to earn it.  So my Chinese New Year resolution is to get back into the blogging habit.  2011 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit – I’m hoping in my case that rabbit will be more like a hare.  (Or, more probably, a tortoise.)

By way of update, the training schedule since January has been somewhat modified to take account of the time I missed over Christmas, and the demands of a particularly nasty Chinese transaction at work, but has largely followed the three-times-a-week easy run/intervals/long run pattern.  I’ve had to be increasingly inventive to get my mid-week runs in: running to work is usually a good bet but treadmills in ski resorts and running to/from the dentist have also featured over the last week or so.  (Note to self for future reference: it’s not actually possible to “run” down Charlotte Street on a Tuesday lunchtime.)

The fundraising drive also starts here so I need to start rounding up email addresses and making a general nuisance of myself.  I’m planning to use my upcoming 30th birthday as a good way of badgering my extensive collection of relatives into making a good start, but if anyone else wants to set the ball rolling you can do so by clicking on the Virgin Money button on the right (with a huge great “thanks” from me and Oxfam).

New bed

I bought a new bed today – check it out (the image is from the Feather & Black website, so it’s not of my bedroom).  It’s to go in my new flat when I move in a few weeks. I feel very grown up.

No official exercise today – hoped to go to spin but the online booking system we have at work means that if you don’t hit the “Book” button within 2 seconds of the system going live for the day then there’s no spaces left. Today the time it took my browser to load was too long. Probably just as well though as I am in pain from PT yesterday.  Instead, I walked to the bed shop from the office – Fleet Street to Tottenham Court Road – and back again this evening, a round trip of 4 miles in the evening sun. That’ll do nicely.