On the fourth day of Juneathon, I got a little bit tipsy

Hen do.  Two little words which by themselves should be enough to excuse Day 4’s Juneathon effort being paltry to say the least.  It should in theory have been possible to squeeze in some proper early morning Juneathoning, but for reasons that remain a bit of a mystery to me, I woke up on Saturday morning on a friend’s sofa rather than in my own bed, having partaken of sufficient red wine to send me to sleep.   Which didn’t leave me enough time before my hair appointment to fit in a proper run.  Instead I made do with jogging the mile and a half back to my house – well, as much as it’s possible to jog in ballet pumps with a big bag.  But if it hadn’t been Juneathon I’d have taken the bus, and I wouldn’t have done more than a mile anyway, so I think it counts.

The rest of the day was taken up with drinking lots and lots of pink fizz, playing games, and being waited on by John, our lovely butler in the buff.  Later we got all dressed up and went out in our forties gear to the Blitz Party (where I Juneathoned by dancing lots).  The hen herself looked stunning having had her hair and make-up done by a professional, all topped off with this incredible hat hand-made by her extremely talented soon-to-be-sister-in-law Awon Golding.  I intend to get one commissioned in time for the wedding.

I did make up for the lame Juneathoning today though.  Despite the rain and the mild hangover, I went for a (roughly) 12k run along the river with a friend.  He is much faster than me and although we took it relatively easy there were lots of sections where I had to run much harder and faster than I would have done on my own.  I’m not sure how long I was out for as I somehow stopped my watch after 41 minutes, but I think it was about 75 minutes altogether, including a couple of breathers.  More than enough to get me back on the Juneathon wagon.

First Juneathon weekend stats:

Proper runs: 1
Lame jogs-of-shame counting towards Juneathon: 1
Naked butlers: 1
Glasses of pink fizz: many
Forties outfits: 13
Amazing hats by Awon Golding: 2
Amazing hats by Awon Golding coveted by me: at least 1