Pigs in the park

The original plan was to get up and go for a run at 6am before my hectic work day.  (I think we can all guess how that worked out.)  Instead I managed to escape the office at a reasonable time, and after a quick trip to Westfield to return some of the spoils from an over-zealous internet shopping spree, headed out into the glorious evening sunshine at 7.45pm.

So Juneathon Day 2 was a couple of beautiful loops round Holland Park, which is looking particularly gorgeous at the moment.  I only just discovered on Sunday that it is now home to some pigs cultivating the wild flower meadows – they’ve been there a whole year without my noticing, which just goes to show that I need to vary my routes around the park a bit more.  I made up for a year of neglect by going past specially to wish them a good evening, and very happy they looked too.

It was lovely to be out and about in the park, and on a weekday evening when I’d usually be in the office it felt decadent too.  I did round about 5K in total in 32:05, with a strong finish down the final 400m or so.  Not exactly setting the world on fire, but just right for a chilled out summer’s evening jaunt.