Heavy legs

The Juneathon halfway point was marked with a run today.  There really haven’t been enough of those this Juneathon so I resolved to go for a four mile jaunt up to Westminster and round St James’ Park.  Having aimed to go before lunch at about 12, I finally succeeded in (temporarily) escaping the office at 7pm.  The timing was probably better though as there were far fewer tourists and civil servants to get in the way.

It was drizzling and dark when I left the office and I thought my kit choice of vest and shorts might be a bit inadequate.  Fortunately though the rain held off and I was soon warmed up.  But practically the whole way round my legs felt tired and heavy – this Juneathon thing is starting to take its toll.  I may not have done all that much running but the legs have had a fair old time of it what with all the spinning and the unfamiliar zumba and body sculpt classes.  My left calf and achilles in particular feels tight and sore.  Time to book in for a massage with Lucinda I think. 

There were a few interesting things to see out and about, and having forgotten my iPod I was noticing things more than usual.  The Ghostbustours bus made me smile to myself, even though it’s not really that clever or funny.  There were lots and lots of geese and their babies in the park too, generally taking over the entire pavement round the lake as people threw them bread.  I also couldn’t help but notice a couple, obviously tourists, wandering around outside Buckingham Palace wearing identical (and hideous) pink and green striped cagouls.  Yuck.

So, halfway through Juneathon, the stats look like this (drumroll please):

Proper outside runs: 3 (and a half, if you count the pre-hen do jog-of-shame home)
Treadmill runs: 2
Total miles: 20.7

Other stuff
Spin classes: 4
Gym sessions: 2
Zumba classes: 1
Pilates classes: 1
Y-sculpt classes: 1