On the eleventh day of Juneathon, I zumbaed

Part of the whole Juneathon thing is getting out and doing things you wouldn’t otherwise necessarily do exercise-wise.  My Mum has been going on about how great zumba is for ages so this Saturday I decided that I would have a go at a class.  I am a notoriously bad dancer (not an embarrassing dancer, I can move OK but I just can’t get the footwork) so I was expecting to be pretty terrible at it.  But it sounded fun so what the hell.  Very happily for me, my lovely flatmate was keen to come along and give it a go too so we went down to the gym together.

It was a LOT of fun.  As expected, I was pretty dreadful at anything that involved complicated footwork but the wiggling around didn’t totally defeat me and having an equally clueless friend there really helped as we could just laugh along in solidarity.  At least I escaped poor Rachel’s fate of a seriously bruised shin after she managed to kick herself really quite hard.  It was also a very decent workout – I didn’t expect to sweat so much but after an hour I was definitely very hot and happy.  Not sure I’ll be going every week but I’m glad to have given it a try.

The rest of the day isn’t going to be all that restful either – we are moving house next Saturday so today and tomorrow will largely be spent packing up all our worldly possessions.  But even that can be fun when you do it together with some Lady Gaga, a bottle of wine and some pizza.  Yay!